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24fps vs 30fps Comparison

I’m sure that you have heard a lot about the frame per second concept but most of us don’t really know what it is. But, that does not stop us from adhering to 24fps and not 30fps. Let’s find out what precisely frame per second is and then have the 24fps vs 30 fps comparison.

24fps vs 30fps comparisonWhat is frame per second?

Frame per second is the number of the consecutive images that are being shot, which is known as the frame is taken in each second, by the camera. Thus fps is a unit of measurement of the number of frames that the camera takes in each second. Thus in 24 fps, the camera will take 24 frames per second and in 30 fps there will be 30 frames that will be taken.

24fps is standard from making films and this is one of the main reasons that people prefer it, as it is one of the most common frame rates that are used to and we have grown up watching videos and clips in this format. But does that mean that the 30fps is not as good as 24fps? Read on, to find out.

24 frames per second

The 24fps is preferred by those who are interested in converting their videos into a film format. The 24fps clearly changes the look of the videos and gives it an 80mm feel that is what we all want from films, even though we don’t really realize it. This frame rate is pretty much the standard rate for films and this has been the case since the 1920s.

Also, in the case of hand drawn animation films the frame rate play a big role, but drawing 24 sheets for a single movement can be intimidating, not to forget time consuming and thus the animators generally use 1 sheet for 2 frames and thus the frame rate is just 12fps.

24fps vs 30fps comparison

30 frames per second

The 30 frames per second means that the camera will capture 30 frames in each second, but the look of the camera will be very different from the one that we get in the 24fps format. In the case of the 30fps format the output will not have the 80mm feel, that is it will not have the movie feel. Instead, it will look just like a video and this format is better in case you are creating a clip of a fast moving object.

24fps vs 30fps comparison

Which of the two is better?

You cannot say in definite terms that 24fps is better than the 30fps, as it is clearly a matter of choice and the kind of video that you are creating. The 24fps will give your video the look of a movie and that is why people like to go for it as it has a larger than life feel to it. It is suited for objects that are in slow motion, so that you will be able to get out the best in them.

The 30fps is a choice that you can make in case you like the raw video feel for your clip and it is also suited for those who are shooting an object that is moving really fast, so that they can get each movement distinctly.

This is the 24fps vs 30 fps comparison for you. You can choose your camera on the basis of this comparison, but you need to first make sure the kind of videos that you want to shoot.

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