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Li-Fi – A New Technology in wireless Communication

what is Li-Fi? Li-Fi (light fidelity) is the next step in communication technology after Wi-Fi and yes, it is leaps and bounds ahead. Li-Fi uses light for the purpose of transfer of information. I’m sure that you are curious about Li-Fi- A new paradigm in wireless communication and here I have gathered all the information, just for you. Read on and find out how this technology will take on Wi-Fi in the time to come.

How is it different?

Li-Fi technology is based on LEDs for the transfer of data. The transfer of the data can be with the help of all kinds of light, no matter the part of the spectrum that they belong. That is, the light can belong to the invisible, ultraviolet or the visible part of the spectrum. Also, the speed of the internet is incredibly high and you can download movies, games, music etc in just a few minutes with the help of this technology.

li-fi light fidelity

Also, the technology removes limitations that have been put on the user by the Wi-Fi. You no more need to be in a region that is Wi-Fi enabled to have access to the internet. You can simply stand under any form of light and surf the internet as the connection is made in case of any light presence. There cannot be anything better than this technology.

The technology used

li fi technologyLi-Fi came into being due to a technology that is known as the visible light communication. This technology is known to have the ability to get switched off and on at speeds that the human eye is unable to detect without the help of a strong visual aid. Thus, the light appears to be on at all times, which is not really the case and each time the light gets switched off, it is taken to be the binary off mode that is denoted by 1 and when it is switched on, it is considered to be the binary on mode and is denoted by the number 0 and this how the data is passed from one place to another.

Li-Fi has applications unimaginable. The internet will become available to practically everyone who has LEDs in the place where they are stationed and that can be underwater, in an aircraft, under the street light on the highway or anywhere else.

Also, the LEDs that will help in making the world even smaller than it presently is will perform their primary function, that is to provide light without any hitch and thus, there will be no trouble faced by people on that front. The technology is known to be much cheaper that the Wi-Fi technology that is presently ruling the world and it is being touted that Li-Fi will soon dethrone Wi-Fi to become the numero uno form of data transfer as it will be favoured by business enterprises and households as well.

The mind behind this magic

The Li-Fi technology has been developed by Haas, who is in charge of mobile communications at Edinburgh University. He is known to have been besotted with LEDs since he was a teenager.

This is all about the Li-Fi- A new paradigm in wireless communication and it is sure to be a huge hit as soon as it is put to use for the general public.

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