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How to do Find and Replace in Google Docs

You must be habitual of working on Microsoft word and feel uncomfortable while working on online version of word document by google named as “Google Documents”. Although google documents does not have all those feature that are available with traditional word software. But when you are out of work and away from workstation, services like google docs come out to be as most fruitful and trusted one. If you jumped into google docs recently, it may take some time to get along with it, while most of the beginners try to search for shortcuts and features that Microsoft word has, as i already told you, google docs has limited features but some of them are not visible on screen while working and need to locate. Today i am going to tell you how you can use “Find and Replace” in google documents, lets go for it.

Log in to google documents and open any file where you want to perform “find and replace” action. rollover the mouse to top menu and find Edit subtitle , Under Edit find ” Find and Replace” tag, after clicking on it, you will find something like this.

      go to >>> Edit >>> Find and Replace

google docs find and replace

that was all which is required to get find and replace option in google docs online, although it is not advance as microsoft docs but does job pretty well. Google Documents is around us since couple of years and i must tell you the popularity and usage pattern has changed dramatically, if you ask me, almost every day i work on google documents for word , excel related affairs. The benefit of going with google documents is, its fast, its online and you can share the doc with anyone,anywhere instantly. The only sad part of google docs is , it does not have to many features and options to workaround. But as the popularity is growing and so as the usage, one can expect big changes in google documents in future.

If you know any other google documents trick that is worth sharing, let us know and we will publish.

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