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Samsung Android Smartphones with 3G and front facing camera

If you have a 3G smartphone, then the front facing camera needs to be given special emphasis. Here are the best Samsung Android smartphones with 3G and front facing camera. Take a look at the list.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

samsung galaxy s3 hd 1080p/720p

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of the best handsets that are presently available. It has a quad core processor, that is unbelievably fast. The handset has a 1.9MP front facing camera for video calls.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

samsung nexus specifications

This handset is a global phone that is compatible with all the GSM/UMTS networks that are present across the globe. It has a 1.3MP front facing camera and there is the NFC integration too.

Samsung Galaxy Note

samsung galaxy note hd

The USP of the handset is that it has a huge 5.3 inch display. It is powered by a dual core processor and has a 2MP front facing camera, which is just perfect for the Adroid 4.0 OS that it is based on.

Samsung Galaxy SII

samsung galaxy s2 best smartphone on the market

The Samsung Galaxy SII has loads of RAM, 1024GB of it and that makes it quite coveted. There is an HDMI output present and the front facing camera of the device is also a 2MP one.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

samsung galaxy ace 2 3g phones

The Galaxy Ace 2 is fitted with a dual core processor that is fast and smart. Also, it has 768MB of RAM that is a lot. The handset has a 0.3MP front facing camera that is a VGA one. The rear facing shooter is a 5MP one with an LED Flash.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance

samsung galaxy s advance 3g phone

This handset packs a 4 inch capacitive multi touch display that has a pixel density of 233 ppi. It is based on the Gingerbread operating system and the has a 1.3MP front facing camera that ensures crisp visuals during calls.

Samsung Galaxy S

samsung galaxy s 3g phone

The most noteworthy feature of the handset is that it has a really fast 100MHz processor, that makes the functioning of the handset really smooth. It has a 4 inch display that has a screen resolution of 480 by 800 pixels and is protected by scratch resistant glass. It has a VGA front facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Phone

The Galaxy Beam is powered by dual core processor and there is a 4 inch display that it is equipped with. The handset packs loads of other outstanding features, but the ones that deserve special are the camera, the primary one is a 5MP one and the secondary shooter is a 1.3MP one.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

samsung galaxy y pro duos 3g phone

The USP of this handset is that it is a dual SIM phone. It has the touch and type feature. The handset has an inbuilt VGA front facing camera and a 3MP rear facing one.

Samsung Android smartphones with 3G and front facing camera are not hard to find, but you need to keep the other features in mind as well and only purchase the one that fulfills your overall needs or you are simply going to be dissatisfied with your device.

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