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Android Jelly Bean vs Ice Cream Sandwich Basic Differences & Comparison

Android jelly bean v/s ice cream sandwich differences comparison

android jelly bean vs ice cream sandwich

“Android jelly Bean v/s Ice cream sandwich, which is better?” is a question that many of us have asked ourselves in the past, especially if we have had to by a device that is based on the Android operating system. We all know that the Jelly Bean is a slightly upgraded version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. So, is it worth spending a bit more on a device that is based on the Jelly bean or should you just be satisfied with one that is based on the Ice Cream Sandwich. Read on to find out the Android Jelly Bean v/s Ice Cream Sandwich differences comparison.

Jelly bean v/s ICS Operating System

In the Jelly bean v/s ICS Android, the first and foremost thing that you need to pay attention to is that the Jelly Bean is the next step in the upgrade that Android has made after the Ice Cream Sandwich and thus there are bound to be features that are fine tuned in the case of the Jelly Bean. I have made a mention of the ones that are the most evident and are really helpful to the user.

With the Jelly Bean operating system, you will be able to go through photos with exaggerated ease, which is not seen in the case of the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Sharing of photos is like a dream. Same is the case with videos. There is the Android Beam that has been added to Jelly Bean and that makes storing and sharing the software very simple and easy.

The next aspect that has managed to floor users is the virtual keyboard that this operating system offers. The dictionary that is integrated with the keyboard is much smarter than the one integrated with the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Also, the word prediction power of this dictionary is more accurate than the one we saw in the ICS.

There is the voice detection software that is a part of both the operating systems, but the one that is present along with the Jelly Bean is much more advanced and it catches the words that are spoken by the user easily. A feature of the voice recognition that requires special mention is that you can use it for recording the text whenever you like.

Also, the user interface has been rejigged and the one that the Jelly Bean has is more attractive and there is a very youthful touch to it that you are sure to like. The user interface of the ICS is also very friendly, but since, it has been around for a while, there are chances that people may have gotten bored of it.

The last and one of the most important features of the Jelly Bean is that there is improved notification, which means that each time you need to be notified about something, it will be done in a more efficient manner than before.

These are the Android Jelly Bean v/s Ice Cream Sandwich differences comparison. You can see that the features are finer, but there is no major difference and thus, you may as well wait for something bigger to be out from Android.

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