Areas to Consider Before Buying a Tablet PC

With Technology at the heels, many devices are introduced into the market every year and they attract lot of potential customers. One such device is Tablet PC. With more tablets arriving on the market, it is best to choose them according to your demands and usage. Here are few tips to consider before buying a good Tablet PC for you according to the demands and budget.

Operating System

Tablets are bundled with various operating systems. By far, iOS is the most famous one till date, and it is the only Apple option available on the iPhone and iPad devices. There are tablets that also run in Android 3.0 – a Google based operating system found on many phones. There are also tablets that run on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. So choose what OS you want for your Tablet.


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Screen Size:

Screen Size is one of the important factors to consider before buying a Tablet PC. Bigger screen is always a better option. Otherwise, you may just buy a smart phone with a bigger screen. However, make sure it is also portable. Some people tend to like Tablets, which are portable, while others prefer features and big display. So decide your screen size carefully.

Does it Have Cameras?

Many of the new tablets come equipped with rear and front camera. Front camera can be used for video calling and for apps like Skype or Google talk, while rear camera can be used to take pictures just like a normal phone. Therefore, if you are looking for tablet for these photography works, get one with a good camera otherwise you could just go for a normal tablet considering other features.

Storage Space

Before buying the Tablets, decide how much storage space it offers and how much you actually need. Bigger storage size allows you to store more stuff such as apps, games, files, music and other digital media contents. It is necessary to ensure the table is having sufficient storage space along with affordable price to fit your budget.

Thickness and Weight

Weight and thickness are other two important factors depending on each person. If you wouldn’t care about holding your heavier tablet for short period of time, you will certainly find bigger models. However, if you are going to hold the tablet for long time, you will certainly start to notice its weight. This would prevent you from using the tablet effectively. So choose a tablet with less weight.

Does it Support 3G?

All tablets support WI-FI, but only some of them support 3G net speed. Those tablets, which support 3G, are usually expensive. If you are an enthusiastic user and download lot of stuffs, 3G is your option provided you have enough money to spend, else just go for a normal 2G network. So, choose one if you really need the power of 3G and adjust your budget accordingly.
Tablets are amazing. However, people have different choice and requirement. So, choose the tablets based on your style and depending on your usage. You do not want to spend money on something, which is of no use.


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