Why are companies hesitant about Cloud security?

Although it has been quite a few years since cloud computing has gained currency around the world, many companies across the globe are still skeptic when it comes to moving their business to the cloud. Inadvertently, this is causing them considerable losses in the technology and security front. Sooner or later, they are going to realize their mistake, but by then, their competitors would have surged ahead and there will be quite a lot of catching up to do. So, why are these companies hesitant to welcome cloud computing? Let us find out.

Lack of understanding, obviously: There are literally thousands of articles and forums out there that discuss cloud computing in detail. But still, people do not find the time to research on this and draw some solid conclusions about this ground breaking technology. Instead of trying and understanding this complex technology, they should try to relate it to their business and analyze its advantages. Surely, this will give them a better context to understand it.


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Too many laws and regulations: Most companies work under strict security rules and regulations, mostly laid out by their parent company or clients. On the other hand, cloud host servers cannot comply with this varying levels of rules because they cater to a wide and diverse set of companies. This creates doubts in the mind of users. The only way out of this is to discuss your requirements with your service provider and sort out a viable outcome.

The security question: These companies point at security breaches that have happened at cloud hosts and hence turn their backs on this technology. What they are not really seeing is the massive rise of hacking and security defaults that has happened in traditional systems. Compared to this, what has happened in cloud computing is not even a minute percent.

Changing perspective: They are not sure how their customers are going to accept this switch to a new technology. This makes them skeptic as to make that huge step or not. But, more often than not, it is the customers who are keen to embrace new technologies.


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