Smart follow-ups a need for every business

Follow-ups are an integral part of email marketing and without them, marketing investments can go completely in vain. Earlier I used to send emails manually. There was no automated system for follow-ups. So half of the time I spent rebooting the Inbox folder, looking at sent emails and the replies, sorting them, and sending follow-ups. This was a very boring and time-consuming task. Because of this, I could not focus on other responsibilities related to my business and output was very low, though stress was very high.

All-in-one tool

Once I came across Snovio. It has a complete package for email marketing. I started out with an email finder tool as pitching your products and services to top-level management were my most important concern. Using the email finder and domain email search, I easily made a list of emails of prospects to whom I wanted to send out emails.


But then as I had just started using the tool, I wanted to cross check it for correctness and so I tried out the email verifier. The tool saved me a lot of time checking the email addresses within a few minutes and the bounce rate went down.

After verifying I was ready to launch my campaign. Earlier I was sending emails using my old email marketing platform only, but then later I thought of giving email drip campaigns a try. It was one of the best decisions that I took for my business.

Drip Campaigns benefits

A month has passed and I realized that Snovio drip campaigns feature is really great. Why? Here are the reasons why I love Snovio for:

1. I can add a personal touch to my business: Most people do not opt for automated online business as they think that it lacks a personal touch. With email drip campaigns, the automated email follow-up system, this gap has been reduced to a great extent. With Snovio Drip Campaigns tool, you can send out personalized follow-ups to the customers thereby improving a strong bond between them and the brand.

2. Simple and effective: This tool is simple and easy-to-use and you don’t need to hire someone to manage the campaigns now. For example, I do it on my own. I do not have much technical knowledge and so I am sure that anyone can use it. It took me about an hour to see how everything works and what I have to do to set my hands free. This system proves that an innovative platform need not be complicated.

3. Smart triggers: Due to the fact that the Snovio Drip Campaigns tool has customized triggers and delays in the email sequences, the messages do not look like spam anymore. The emails are not sent every three days; they are sent depending on the people’s behavior.

4. High return on investment: With email drip campaigns, I’ve got a huge revenue. There is pretty no investment in using this platform as it is completely free with no features to be unlocked for money. The conversion rate and new leads generated via these campaigns were good enough. Plus automated system promoted my new products to my existing clients effectively. It is one tool with multiple benefits.

Final words

I would highly recommend this platform for every business. It is simple and easy-to-use, free, always at hand, and effective. New features are added constantly, so you will always find something new and helpful. Just keep on checking the website of Snovio for new tool additions.


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