Legal Gambling is Coming to More States in 2018

The USA has not always been kind for those of us who love to gamble. Before 2018, you could only place legal wagers on single sporting events in the state of Nevada, leaving betting fans in other states unable to partake in the fun. However, this year, the US Supreme court struck down a 1992 federal law – the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act that had banned commercial sports betting in the majority of states.


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Because of this decision, it is estimated that around $150 million dollars in illegal wagers will become legalized, and there”s already a movement towards how each state will deal with the end of this ban. This resolution is likely to set a chain of changes in motion. In the past, wanting to gamble has meant bettors have had to invest in trips to places like Atlantic City or Las Vegas. However, with these new laws, pilgrimages and road trips to “the city of sin” will no longer be a necessity.

Prior to this ruling, the cities and states of Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey had challenged the ruling and regulated in their own ways. The silver state, Nevada, has always been the most forward-thinking and gambling has been legal in the state for decades, making this ruling to the residents of Nevada very old news. New Jersey and Delaware have also opted to create their own rulings in recent years. With these new rulings, many states are making plans to build new casinos including Mississippi, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and New York.

These new rulings will also loosen the restrictions around the placing of bets online, opening up new freedoms for those who prefer to gamble in online spaces. As our world grows ever more digital, so has gambling. Gambling first went online in the year 1997. The world”s first fully functioning online casino was called The Gaming Club. The online industry also helped the physical industry to grow. Physical casinos had to rise to the challenge, which meant improving their services and bonuses. Online gambling has kept the industry ever evolving with new tech always coming to shake up the status quo. Particularly, the arrival of smartphones and iPads means that people can now play on the go. More and more people are choosing to go online and they have plenty of options with online sites being convenient and easy to access.

One of the biggest innovations in online casinos is the arrival of webcams and live streams, which allow players the option to play with a live dealer. These innovations allow communication among online players like never before. These modern technologies allow a sense of community to exist online as it never has before.

What is abundantly clear is that the industry is and will continue to evolve. Just as regulations and technology have continued to evolve and will continue to change and grow with the times. How do you feel about these new laws? Do you enjoy online gaming? Let us know in the comments.


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